Hokkaido is an island in the North Pole with the cold water around, which is why the Hokkaido region has a great cuisine attached to the sea. Hokkaido specialties are extremely rich and diverse, with the gentle taste of spices blended with the fresh flavor of seafood, vegetables, and tubers that seduce many diners from near and far.


Shirako Mushi

Steamed Shirako Mushi or Shiraki is one of the most typical dishes that you cannot ignore when traveling to Japan in Hokkaido. The main ingredient to make this dish is Shirako - the genitals of male fish (usually cod or puffer fish). Because in the view of Japanese people, Shirako is a high-quality nutrient content, they are very good for health.



The caviar in Hokkaido cuisine is usually taken from the acne on the east coast, then salted and used to eat with white rice. Among the rich fish, salmon is the most popular to make this caviar dish. In particular, here you will also find many restaurants and restaurants serving caviar. However, to enjoy the most delicious caviar, diners should still go to Hachikyo restaurant. Here you will be served a bowl of hot white rice with caviar eggs to be extremely attractive and delicious.


King Crab (Taraba Kani) and Feather Crab (Kegani)

King crabs and feather crabs are two specialties of Hokkaido waters. The sweet and fat taste, and somewhat aromatic bricks of the feather crabs have made many diners excited. Feather crabs when eating steamed or sashimi all retain these typical flavors.


If you eat King crabs at the first time, you will surely be surprised by their size. The King crab is very large, has a sweet taste, firm crab meat. People often process the King crabs in the style of grilling and make sure the crab meat has just come, not tough, soft or too dry.


Kinki Shioyaki fish

Referring to the typical dishes in Hokkaido, it is impossible not to mention Kinki Shioyaki fish. This type of fish has an eye-catching skin with white and delicious meat. The popular way of processing Kinki Shioyaki is grilled. But the most special thing is that when processing the outer skin of Kinki Shioyaki fish, they are not lost, but they are even more prominent.


So when serving a plate of Kinki Shioyaki grilled fish, visitors will be attracted to the special sweet white fish meat, delicious taste on the nose and attractive colors of the dish. If you travel to Japan in Hokkaido, you can't help but spend time tasting this dish.



Uni-don is the name of sea urchi - one of the extremely expensive foods. Sea urchin is like a type of ginseng of the sea. You can still enjoy the priced bridge at affordable prices while ensuring deliciousness. With the indigenous way of processing, Uni-don becomes a specialty that anyone who comes to Hokkaido wants to taste.


Not only attractive by the natural scenery, but the dishes in this sea also bring a very unique feature of Japanese cuisine. Download TODAI Japanese here to study Japanese easier and more effectively.