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資産百万しさんひゃくまんドルちょうのロシアじん今年ことしは1まん千人消失せんにんしょうしつか 制裁影響せいさいえいきょう
Jun 21, 2022 11:06
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資産百万しさんひゃくまんドルちょうのロシアじん今年ことしは1まん千人消失せんにんしょうしつか 制裁影響せいさいえいきょう
label.tran_page Russians with over $ 1 million in assets, 15,000 disappeared this year or sanctions impact


label.tran_page According to a report, the number of Russians with assets over 1 million US dollars (about 135 million yen) is expected to decrease by about 15,000 due to the imposition of economic sanctions in Western countries following Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine. Recently announced

label.tran_page ”Henry & Partners”, a company that supports the overseas residence of wealthy people, has put together
label.tran_page The wealthy who will leave Russia by the end of the year could reach up to about three times as much as in 2019.

label.tran_page According to this year’s data, the figure of about 15,000 accounts for about 15% of the population with the same amount of assets.

label.tran_page Analytical company executives who provided data for this report point out that Russia is in a situation of leaking wealthy people

 CNN Businessの取材しゅざいに、富裕層ふゆうそう海外移住かいがいいじゅうかんする数字すうじ当該国とうがいこく経済けいざいの「健康状態けんこうじょうたい」を非常ひじょう重要じゅうよう指標しひょう位置いちづけ、歴史的れきしてきて「すべ有力国ゆうりょくこく崩壊ほうかい」をつね予兆よちょうさせるデータにもなってきたとべました
label.tran_page According to CNN Business’s interview, the figures on overseas migration of wealthy people are positioned as a very important indicator of the ”health condition” of the country’s economy, and historically it always predicts ”the collapse of all leading countries”. I said that it has become data