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label.tran_page NASA’s spacecraft Orion fires engines, to return on 11th


label.tran_page The spacecraft Orion of the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) blew up its onboard engine for about 1 minute and 45 seconds on the afternoon of the 1st US time and left its previous orbit.

label.tran_page Orion was launched on November 16th as the first phase of the ”Artemis Project”, which aims to send mankind back to the moon, and has entered an unexplored orbit over the moon after a 15-day flight.

label.tran_page In the future, we plan to make one more orbit around the moon, and it is expected to pass 128.7 kilometers above the surface of the moon on the morning of December 5, US time.
label.tran_page At this time, you can observe the lunar scene such as lava layers explored by astronauts in the former Apollo era.
label.tran_page Orion will jet its engines from there to return to Earth, and is scheduled to land in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California on the 11th.

label.tran_page At a press conference on November 28, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said, ”Atmospheric re-entry will be the biggest challenge after launch.
label.tran_page We want to see if the heat shield can withstand a temperature of about 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit (2,760 degrees Celsius), which is almost half the temperature of the sun, and a speed of 32 times the speed of sound (about 40,000 kilometers per hour).”