べいアップル、EV開発かいはつ中止ちゅうしか 報道ほうどう
2024-03-01 07:10:04
Abdus Qamar 13:03 02/03/2024
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べいアップル、EV開発かいはつ中止ちゅうしか 報道ほうどう
label.tran_page Apple reportedly cancels EV development


label.tran_page According to multiple media reports, Apple has abandoned the development of an electric vehicle (EV), which had been in progress for 10 years.
label.tran_page The project, which was pointed out by some as having the potential to revolutionize the automobile industry, appears to have been cancelled.


label.tran_page This project was known internally as ”Project Titan”.
label.tran_page According to Bloomberg News, which first reported on the decision to halt development, many of the employees involved in the project will be transferred to the artificial intelligence (AI) department.
label.tran_page CNN has reached out to Apple for comment.


label.tran_page The report comes as EV sales have shown disappointing results, prompting several major automakers to withdraw investment and cut prices.
label.tran_page Meanwhile, AI is gaining momentum
label.tran_page Apple’s recently reported resource shift may help it close the gap with competitors that are leading the way in AI technology, such as Microsoft and Google.


label.tran_page Susannah Streeter, an executive at Hargreaves Lansdown, a UK-based investment platform, said, ``While enthusiasm for all things AI is gathering, investors’ enthusiasm for EVs is waning, and large IT companies are following the trend. ”There is,” he points out.


label.tran_page Although Apple has never officially confirmed its long-rumored plans to develop an electric vehicle, it has made moves over the past decade that suggest it is serious about it.


label.tran_page Apple has been hiring executives from automakers since at least 2014, and received permission from California regulators to test self-driving cars in April 2017.
label.tran_page Two years later, it acquired Drive AI, a start-up company working on self-driving cars.
label.tran_page In 2021, the company hired a veteran employee who was leading EV development at German car giant BMW.