WTO提訴ていそこえ反発はんぱつ 中国政府ちゅうごくせいふ 禁輸きんゆは「正当せいとう
2023-09-02 07:10:03
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WTO提訴ていそこえ反発はんぱつ 中国政府ちゅうごくせいふ 禁輸きんゆは「正当せいとう
label.tran_page Chinese government opposes calls for WTO lawsuit, calling trade embargo “legitimate”


label.tran_page In response to the Chinese government’s ban on imports of Japanese marine products, there are calls for Japan to consider filing a lawsuit with the World Trade Organization (WTO).The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, ``The measures are completely legitimate and necessary.’’ ” I protested.


label.tran_page At a press conference on the 30th, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterated that the release of treated water was a ”self-centered and extremely irresponsible act that is universally criticized by the international community.”


label.tran_page In response to calls from high-ranking Japanese government officials and members of the Liberal Democratic Party to bring China to the WTO, he said the embargo on Japanese seafood was ”an emergency measure in accordance with Chinese law and WHO regulations.” explained


label.tran_page In addition, it emphasizes that it is ”completely legitimate, reasonable and necessary.”