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韓国かんこく チョ・グク元法相もとほうしょうつま 懲役ちょうえきねん実刑確定じっけいかくてい
Jan 29, 2022 22:01
Teck with brain 04:07 21/07/2022
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韓国かんこく チョ・グク元法相もとほうしょうつま 懲役ちょうえきねん実刑確定じっけいかくてい
label.tran_page Former Minister of Justice Cho Kuk’s wife sentenced to 4 years in prison


label.tran_page The Supreme Court of South Korea has dismissed the appeal of the wife of former Minister of Justice Cho Kuk, who was accused of being involved in the illegal enrollment of her daughter, and was sentenced to four years in prison.

label.tran_page The trial was charged with 15 charges, including the forgery of a private document in which the wife of former South Korean law minister Cho Kuk, Chung Kyung-shim, forged a university certificate in order to advance his daughter’s graduate school to an advantage. The first and second trials were sentenced to four years in prison.

label.tran_page Today, the Supreme Court of South Korea acknowledged the evidence capacity of the computer used for illegal admission, which was at issue, dismissed Chung’s appeal, and sentenced him to four years in prison.
label.tran_page Since the series of judgments have partially found a collusion with former Minister of Justice Cho, it is expected to affect the trial of former Minister of Justice Cho.