Are you looking for a diverse self-study application with all features? Do you just want to prepare for JLPT at home? Do you want to improve your Japanese reading skills, and writing skills, the parallel is to improve your Japanese vocabulary? Is it so free?


Did the divine application exist? The answer is yes! Her name is Todai Japanese - The versatile Japanese newspaper reading application can meet the needs of those who are learning Japanese!




Saying no to compliment (actually very complimented hehe), this application makes me feel so good that I have to show off from one friend to another. Take a look at some of her peak features.


1. Japanese news


The news is constantly updated daily, with a variety of topics in all aspects of life, arranging from easy - difficult, you can easily choose the favorite topic and suitable for the ability of the version. Dear.


2. Quick translation


You are no longer worried about the need to escape to investigate new words because, with Todai Japanese, you can investigate right in the article with just one click. And yet you can read and listen, Audio automatically stops when you look up new words. Extremely convenient. This is one of my favorite features when using Todai Japanese. In addition, the vocabulary in each article is colored in different levels, extremely convenient for you to choose the vocabulary level you want!



When I finished learning the word, I was afraid of forgetting it, I had my design vocabulary and revised it with Flashcard again! If you want to forget, there's no door.



3. Furigana


In addition, you can also customize the Furigana to turn on flexibly to suit your needs when reading the newspaper.


4. JLPT test

Finally, the test set of nearly 200 JLPT test tests with the answer and explanation details, this is true of their truth after struggling to search Japanese documents in vain but most of them have no answers. Making itself even if you finish the lesson, it will not achieve any effect. As for Todai Japanese, after doing the test, I can completely check the wrong sentences, and the unknown sentences, and compare them with the explanation so that learning becomes simpler and more effective!



So when I found the topic of Todai Japanese, I seemed to have a treasure. Today, I will share with everyone how to use this free treasure!


You click on the link below.


Then register your account to be able to use the top features of the top! However, there is a small drawback besides those huge advantages, which is some sets that need to be upgraded to be able to use. After a period of "plowing" all free sets, I decided to spend money to upgrade and the ending could not be more satisfying! Do you hesitate without downloading Todai Japanese right away and experience it!