Learning Japanese has never been a simple task for those who are using the Latin alphabet, to be able to get used to this somewhat complicated language is not a day or two. So today I will introduce to everyone an application to help you get used to Japanese most naturally and easily - Todai Japanese.


Investigate right after reading the newspaper


Today Japanese is an application that reads Japanese newspapers with Furigana integrated, making your Japanese newspaper reading simpler. At the same time, the biggest problem is you want to read the newspaper to get used to the text, cultivate the vocabulary that is to touch everywhere, every time you have to go to the dictionary to investigate the word, it is very expensive Time. Realizing that problem, Todai Japanese has integrated the verification feature while reading the newspaper, you just need to click on the word you want to look up, and all the information about words such as English meaning, sentence pattern, grammar, etc. Is it too convenient?


Diverse topics, levels

The articles are constantly updated every day so you can update the news, and reading newspapers no longer becomes boring. In addition, articles are also divided by topic, the difficulty level of content, etc helps meet your interests as well as the current level of each person.


Every day, just take 15 minutes to read the newspaper, you can not only get used to the text, but also improve your ability to read and understand, and you can cultivate vocabulary. An arrow hit countless birds.


However, as mentioned above, reading a Japanese newspaper is not a day or two that you can see the effect immediately, persevere in studying every day for 15 minutes with Todai Japanese to be able to reap the fruit. Sweet!

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