1. Determining why you learn Japanese

To do anything effectively, you always need recognition, and analysis before making a decision. This is also true for studying and preparing for an exam.

Firstly, you have to know your weakness, how much time do you have left to learn or to sit for an exam? After that, you should find out why those skills are not good. Knowing the right reason helps you make a plan to fix and widen your knowledge.

2. Ways to find out your level

The easiest way is taking mock tests in a limited time. You can consult tests on JLPT which are the same as the real tests ( time, number of questions) on the website TODAI Japanese. If you want to take part in the N3 test, do it on our website and mark every parts - vocab, kanji, grammar, reading, you will know what is your weakness.

3. Defining reasons why you are not good at it

You can divide it into many parts as: 

  • Reasons why Japanese reading is bad

  • Reasons why Japanese listening is bad

  • Reasons why Japanese grammar is bad

  • Reasons why Japanese vocabulary is bad

 After knowing why you are not good at every single part, you will find out the solutions for them.

4. Making a plan

 Planning to study is necessary, however, most of us often leave it away and try to learn immediately, which makes you get lost, and not know where to start, or where to continue.

 First of all, you should divide Japanese learning into processes

 Learning Japanese, especially to pass the JLPT test, includes 3 processes: new knowledge, review, taking exams

 Depending on your capability, you can adjust for each process. Many people learn quickly then they have more time to review and take tests. Besides, others spend time learning new words, and grammar, and reviewing after that.

 You can adjust your time for the knowledge learning and review process. However, you should spend more time on doing exams at least one month before the test. This time, learning new things is not easy and ineffective. Taking mock tests in well-known Japanese centers or doing it at home yourself.

 After having a detailed plan, follow it. Do not make a plan and just leave it there. The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.

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