Currently, studying and working in Japan is gradually becoming more popular than ever, not only that, even those who are studying and working in the country can improve their income.

So today, let's find out about JLPT!

1. What is JLPT?

JLPT (JAPANESE LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY TEST) is a certificate of evaluation of Japanese proficiency. It has been organized by the Japan and Japan Fund Exchange in 1984. In the world, the JLPT Japanese language competence exam has been rated the most popular and most prestigious today for those who want to go to Japan works.


Currently, the JLPT exam is held every year in 65 countries and territories around the world. The exam consists of 5 levels from N1 (most difficult) to N5 (easiest). Participants regardless of age, gender, religion, or ethnicity.



2. Location and registration method

Depending on where you are, there are some different things when registering for the JLPT test. You can follow this website: here to update information and register for the JLPT test.


3. How to register?


The registration form will be sold before the exam for about 3-4 months. How to register for the exam is as follows:


Step 1: Buy and fill out the registration form


Step 2: Prepare 3 × 4 photos and a copy of the identity card


Step 3: Pay the exam fee.


4. The admission score of each level in the JLPT exam


The difficulty of the exam will increase from the level of N5 to N1. N5-N4 is the most primary level. This is the level of checking the arrangement of words and vocabulary, simple situations in communication.


N2-N1 is an advanced level that requires the contestants to have intensive knowledge and diverse vocabulary. And the level of N3 is the intermediate level, the transfer between the basic and advanced levels. The majority of Japanese learners often have a Japanese level at N3.


5. Get the result and certificate of the JLPT competency exam


You will know your test results through the official website from Japan after 40 days. If the number of admission points is reached, about 1 month after you know the results, the JLPT certificate will be sent to Vietnam at the location you register for the exam.

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