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静岡しずおか 清水しみず 9000世帯せたい断水だんすいつづ すいとして使つかえない状態じょうたい
Sep 29, 2022 13:09
SID 05:09 29/09/2022
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静岡しずおか 清水しみず 9000世帯せたい断水だんすいつづ すいとして使つかえない状態じょうたい
label.tran_page Shimizu Ward, Shizuoka Water supply continues to be cut off for more than 9,000 households, some of which cannot be used as drinking water
label.tran_page Of these, ▽ 21,000 households in the Miho Block from the south side of the JR Tokaido Line to the Miho Peninsula, ▽ ▽ 3,600 households in the Ibara North Block on the north side of the Tomei Expressway, and ▽ around the Shin-Tomei Expressway Shin-Shimizu Junction The 400 households will start supplying domestic water from the 28th, and water quality will be tested in the future to determine whether it can be used as drinking water.