Today, I’m so enthusiastic to be there and share with you guys the effective, smart and unheard-of techniques. Because these techniques are from famous language experts in the world. Are you ready?


1. Effortless Japanese technique

 Chuyên gia là gì? Bạn có phải là chuyên gia ở lĩnh vực nào đó?

“Effortless Japanese Technique” is one of the best Japanese learning techniques, usually called “The lazy way to learn Japanese”. But it is kind of effective with your Japanese. There are more than 40 millions students in more than 25 countries studying.  


This technique is builded with a new principle based on a classic AJ Hope’s method. Japanese technique’s vocabularies, dialogues are in the real situation, so learners can know Japanese in a natural way.


So why should you choose this technique?


  • Study vocabularies by your ears with 45 lessons into 15 parts.

  • The lessons are short stories, help you learn Japanese in natural way and easier.

  • Practice Japanese speaking skill fluency and don’t need to care about grammar.

  •  Japanese videos help you learn Japanese vocabulary better and easier.


You can easily buy Effortless Japanese material on the internet and practice.


2. Pimsleur Japanese technique

 Pimsleur Japanese Level 3 Lessons 6-10 Audiobook | Pimsleur |

That original technique is builded by PhD. Pimsleur. Japanese 3rd Edition can help you learn Japanese more effectively than other material.


As children learn their mother language, with this technique you can study everywhere, every time, by smartphone, usb, ipop,... 


This material includes 3 CDs, 30 lessons (you can download easily on the internet). You will have a notebook to follow and practice listening by audio. Only 30 minutes per day, you can improve your Japanese and your listening skills quickly.


These are 2 special techniques that you can try, I hope it works for you. Go ahead!