Hokkaido is one of the areas that attract many Vietnamese employees to Japan today. This is the main area developing agriculture and tourism. For those who are planning to come to this area, learning about living expenses and living standards in Hokkaido are very important. So, let's refer to the following article, I will answer for you!


Geographical and population status of Hokkaido


Hokkaido is the second largest island, a separate year to the north of Japan. Not only that Hokkaido is also a province and an area of ​​7 administrative localities of Japan. Among them, this Hokkaido region is the largest area with an area of ​​up to 83,424.31 km2 but the total population is much lower than other central areas.

Agriculture, forestry and fishery play the largest role in the economy of Hokkaido. Hokkaido has up to 25% of the cultivated land of Japan, which is the fifth province in the production of agricultural products and animal husbandry and cultivation throughout the country. This is also the locality with the largest fishing and aquaculture production in the country.



In addition, thanks to the warm and cool climate, tourism in this region is extremely developed. Coal mining and the light industry also play an essential role, attracting many foreign human resources, including Vietnam.


Evaluation of living standards in Hokkaido


Labor exporters to Hokkaido, mainly working in agriculture and light industry. Depending on the industry, the income may range from 140,000 to 160,000 yen/month. This is a relatively stable income, compared to the cost and living standard in Hokkaido.



Overall, the living standard in Hokkaido is average if not low. Compared to other economic regions in Japan, if you spend comfortably when working at Hokkaido will still have a significant amount. Therefore, you can completely consider the work in this region. This area is also a region with low residential density, stable security. After the expiry of the deadline, the government will still create many opportunities for you to stay and work here.

Besides, Hokkaido is also known as the leading living area in Japan. It owns the natural style of harmony between extremely brilliant climates. In the spring, the grass raced to debt, lowering many products and winter products. The characteristic 4 seasons will make you live in the heart of miniature Europe.

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