Historical forming and development of Osaka University


Osaka is one of the universities in Japan with a long tradition. The school was founded in 1939, but the precursor of the school had existed for a long time - 1838. In addition to the name of Osaka University, it was also known as the University of Osaka City, or Osaka Phu University. Over many years of operation, Osaka has become the leading quality school in Japan. Currently, the school has 3 campuses: Suita, Toyonaka, and Minoh. Including 11 departments of university program training; 6 separate graduate programs; 5 research institutes; 2 hospitals; 4 library branches and the most advanced and modern facilities. 


Why should you choose to study at Osaka University?


Osaka University is currently in the top 5 leading Japanese universities under the World University Ranks 2022 ranking of Times Higher Education (The). The school is located in the third largest Osaka city in Japan with a population of 2.7 million. This is a shopping center in Japan famous for many beautiful and pleasant scenic and weather spots. In Osaka, the public transportation system is considered the world's most civilized and modern. Favorable for travel between campuses or sights around Japan. When studying at Osaka School, you will have the opportunity to study and exchange with prestigious university students such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Oxford University ... 

In addition, in the curriculum In English, international students are supported by the school for about 200 USD per month. Osaka University is famous for its diverse and rich training program. In the fields, you will notice that it is a hot career, the whole world is in need. Currently, the school is training university and postgraduate systems. In addition, the school also trains masters, doctoral and advanced courses, short-term, graduate students ... Therefore, studying abroad in Osaka Japan is not merely studying in university. Along with that, you can choose many different studies abroad programs to suit the needs of the individual. 


The tuition fee of Osaka University


University in Osaka is considered to have a moderate tuition fee. For Osaka University, this is no different. However, tuition between curricula has changed.

Study program: 

Admission fee: 282,000 yen

Annual tuition: 535,000 yen

Post-school training system 

Admission fee: 282,000 yen

Annual tuition fee: 535,000 yen

For the Faculty of Law of Osaka University, the one-year tuition fee is 804,000 yen 


Conditions to exempt tuition fees


To create conditions for students and the school to offer tuition exemption and reduction programs at many different levels. It may be 100% reduction, 50% or 30%. However, to be exempted from tuition fees at Osaka University, you need to apply for the exemption and reduction according to the school's form. Besides, the school exempted only students in extremely difficult circumstances and with excellent academic achievements. According to the assessment, applying for tuition fees is very difficult. So you need to prepare financially or try to study to apply for the Osaka University scholarship.