In four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing, Japanese listening skills are getting more and more focused, watching Japanese movies is one of the not bad choices to be able to improve and improve the ability Your Japanese listening skills.


So which movies are suitable for beginners to practice listening to Japanese easily and effectively? Read all the articles of Todai Japanese to explore now!


1. Detective Conan

Học tiếng Nhật qua phim


Opening the list of Todai JapanSe movies suggests you "famous detective Conan" - a familiar cartoon for Japanese anime fans in general and the main movie series in particular. There is no need to say too much about the movie content because the film is too famous, this animation is suitable for those who are new to Japanese, the lines in the movie are not too long, simple content, easy content Understand, easy to hear. You can practice listening to Japanese and can cultivate more basic vocabulary.

2. Maruko

The film is about the girl Maruko and the situations that arise around this lovely 9 -year -old girl. The film is adapted from the comic book Chibi Maruko - Chan by female author Momoko Sakura. The film content shows humor, purity and touch when describing the real life of Japanese people.

This is also a great choice for those who want to start listening to Japanese but do not know where to start, you can learn simple vocabulary about daily life from simple conversations but Equally lovely the film.

3. Laputa: Castle in the sky

The next choice in the list of Japanese listening films is an animated film produced in 1986 - Castle in the sky.


Throughout the film are chases, disputes of miraculous stone ownership between different forces, but in the end, all failed before the cohesive friendship of Pazu and Sheeta - the symbol of love. You are beautiful, love life, and desire for peace; Whether it is the robbery of Dora - representing the greedy, or Muska - symbolizing the political ambitions, or the military's marching - embodying military power.


Similar to the previous films, this is a movie for children, so the plot, as well as the lines, are still quite simple, helping you can get used to Japanese listening but not be overwhelmed by the new vocabulary that does not understand anything.


4. Doraemon

Another extremely famous cartoon - Doremon. The film is a top choice for new students to practice listening to Japanese. Throughout the film are short stories, easy to understand, witty and have an optimistic view of a future life as well as the development of science and technology. You have just practiced listening to Japanese and learned new vocabulary related to other interesting science and technology topics.


5. My neighbor Totoro

This is the movie Ghibli is known and loved worldwide. The content of the film is gentle and innocent and innocent with warm feelings that captured the hearts of millions of viewers.

The peaceful scenery and daily conversations that are not too complicated will help you relax and practice listening to Japanese naturally.

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