Nowadays, many languages ​​are introduced to Vietnam and are very developed. Japanese is not an exception, especially with the cooperation between Japan - Vietnam, learning Japanese opened a lot of opportunities to study or work at Japanese companies.


So follow the article below to know the 10 most easy-to-remember Japanese learning ways!


  • Study group of word

  • Not too focused on grammar

  • Learn to listen first

  • Study slowly and carefully

  • Read short stories in Japanese

  • Use Japanese in a realistic situation

  • Listen and reflect

  • Learn Japanese online

  • Learn Japanese by video

  • Use Japanese learning apps


Study group of words


Many people try to learn every single word because it is easy to learn, but it is difficult to remember. The first simple way to learn Japanese is to mention that you should learn vocabulary in a group of words, according to sentences in certain circumstances will help you easily remember and memorize lessons. And especially after you have a case and that situation you will think of words and can recall more words than when you learn retail vocabulary.


Not too focused on grammar


When you start learning Japanese, you should not learn too much grammatical structure.


When you are too interested in grammar you will only think about how to say the correct sentences, the right grammar and making you slow in the reaction. You should only care about simple syntax and apply it flexibly, which helps you to be more agile in communication as well as less time to remember grammar.


Learn to listen first


Once you want to remember any words or numbers you should let yourself listen first. If a word repeats and you listen consciously you will remember faster and longer than writing or just looking.

Initially, when you hear you may not understand but gradually you can shape the word and remember them more simply. It is the fastest way to go into memory when learning anything including Japanese. Should focus on hearing rather than trying to remember right from the moment you still don't know anything.


Study slowly and carefully


When learning we often focus on learning unconsciously, want to learn quickly, and want to quickly see the results but when learning foreign languages, including Japanese you should invest carefully to learn, and should not run after the number of words vocabulary, topic or grammatical structure number.

You should listen to many words, write them down, read them again and each usage, each case uses that word so you can remember long and use them more easily. You can write and take notes on the most visible place to remind you. This is a simple and effective way to learn Japanese.


Read short stories in Japanese


When learning, make yourself interested to learn or imprint to remember. One of the best Japanese learning methods is that you find short stories written in Japanese to read.


These may be jokes, small touching stories to get used to the simple pattern, grammatical structure and slowly upgrade with short stories, or lessons in Japanese. Read books for a long time, you will remember a lot of words and how to use them.


Use Japanese in a realistic situation


The way to learn Japanese is easy to remember not to mention practically using Japanese.


You can read your specialized books and documents. You can listen to the radio, and see the comedy explanation of Japanese. You do problems from simple to complex in Japanese, see newspapers, read the news, ... practice the habit of bringing Japanese into your daily life.


Listen and reflect


After being able to listen and identify words, a way to learn Japanese is easy to remember and vivid, you can apply it to find your friends to practice dialogue.

When you talk, you can practice using words, sentences when speaking and gradually you can reflect faster when communicating. Over time you should find a group of friends and talk in Japanese, you can talk about daily topics to be able to practice listening and practicing reflexes quickly when many people dialogue.


Learn Japanese online


Currently, you are very busy with work and learning does not have much time in the direct class, you should find yourself in online classes. Although you study very well, there is no guide you will not know where you are wrong. Online classes will help you allocate reasonable learning time and also save costs for you, the effect is also very high.


Learn Japanese by video


One method will help you improve all 3 skills when learning Japanese is to learn through videos.

The video will give you both listening and vocabulary methods. When watching videos, you can listen to the instructor, and you can read and learn words, and the syntax of the sentence in that video. This is a very effective synthetic learning, it hits your way, listening and speaking.


Use Japanese learning apps


Currently, many applications for Japanese learners from basic to advanced, you can download these Japanese learning applications to learn more conveniently. Japanese learning applications you should refer to such as: TODAI Japanese, Mazii application, Mazii application,... Learning through applications also helps you learn Japanese more easily because of visual images and convenience.


Each of the above-mentioned Japanese learning ways will help you improve certain skills. You can combine those methods to achieve high efficiency in learning. Wish you are successful in learning Japanese! Download app here now to receive some surprise gifts!