1. What is the Best Way to Read Japanese News and Learn the Language?

Nowadays, to become more proficient in Japanese you can try by so many ways, such as: reading books, watching movies, YouTube or using learning applications,... Learning Japanese is kind of a challenging but so rewarding experience with me, my favourite way to improve my Japanese vocabulary, grammar and even reading skills is reading Japanese news every single day. Let me show you the reason why Japanese news can do it!

2. Why Can Reading Japanese News Learn Japanese?

Reading Japanese news is the most effective way to learn Japanese. Because it allows you to immerse yourself in real situations, so you can understand Japanese structure and grammar, and get familiar with its nuances. By reading news articles, you can learn about current events in Japan, as well as gain insight into the culture and society of the country. In addition, reading Japanese news can help you increase your vocabulary, and improve your pronunciation as well as Japanese reading and speaking skills. With practice and dedication, you can become a proficient reader of Japanese news articles in no time!

3. How to Find Reliable Online Sources of Japanese News 

With the increasing popularity of the internet, it has become easier to access news from around the world. This is especially true for Japanese news, which can be found in abundance online. However, it is important to find reliable sources of Japanese news so that you can have up-to-date information and improve your Japanese at the same time. 

Today, I wanna show you my favourite application that I use every day to update information around the world and improve my Japanese. It is TODAI Japanese. I will show you the reasons why below!


4. Tips for Reading and Understanding Japanese News Articles 

Maybe you can know the benefits of reading Japanese news from many KOLs on the internet, but when you try reading Japanese news and hope that you can learn Japanese better and better. But it still doesn’t work for you. So the reasons why? Don’t worry! TODAI Japanese will show you some super practical tips for reading Japanese news!

4.1. Choose Reliable Online Sources of Japanese News

In the modern digital age, there are many online sources of Japanese news, but just some of them are suitable for you. Because if you choose a news that there just is Japanese, there is no kanji or English meaning, you will have to look up many new words and grammar. It is waste of time, in the long run, it makes you feel discouraged and you will give up! (like me in the past)

Fortunately, TODAI Japanese is here, with TODAI Japanese, you can look up new words with a click, turn on or turn off Kanji mode depending on your needs!

4.2. Choose The Right Japanese News Level You Are

When choosing a news, the majority of people don’t care about the news level, it will make you feel overwhelmed with a lot of information, and difficult words. Reading the news every day really is a nightmare for you! So why do you not try TODAI, in the application, you can choose between the easy level and the difficult level that is suitable for your level. Oh I love it!

4.3. Choose your favourite topics

If you’re not particularly interested in the news, choose a specific field of the Japanese news that interests you. If you’re a baseball fan, watch the Japanese sports news. If you like cars, find an automotive news podcast. If you’re into music, find some news about the Japanese music scene. 

In TODAI Japanese, there are various topics of Japanese news for you.

4.4. Write down or take note of new vocabulary (but not all of new words) 

When you read, watch or listen to Japanese news, you will find lots of unfamiliar words and expressions. But keeping a pen and notebook handy to write down Japanese vocabulary sometimes is not convenient for you, so you can try the notebook function in TODAI Japanese, you can mark all of the news words and study before by flashcard.

If you don’t study later, I’m sure you will forget all of them.

4.5. Read news articles aloud, use “shadowing” and audio

This is a speaking exercise that can help you improve your pronunciation and remember new vocabulary. If you are listening to Japanese audio or watching the Japanese news then you can try “shadowing”: get the text (transcript) and read along with the native speaker.

I hope this can help you study Japanese better, so if you want to improve your Japanese more easily with so many exciting tips, follow TODAI Japanese and download the application TODAI Japanese below to achieve your goal.

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